The Money Game: NO! Not Everything Happens For A Reason (EP.18)

In the latest episode of The Money Game, Phil and I talk about the old cliché, ‘Everything happens for a reason’.

It’s funny because it doesn’t. Not everything happens for a reason. What’s the reason?

It’s hard for humans to accept the element of randomness. Sure, good things can happen after a tough breakup or losing your job. Like you can meet your future wife or start a successful business, all after what seemed like a negative event in your life. But connecting the 2 dots is silly.

Now, it’s perfectly natural for us as humans to want to do that, but it doesn’t make it right.

We inherently want to learn, and how I see, the best ways to learn are from experiences. Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned came the hard way, for sure. And I can think back to those moments and I’m now thankful for them. But they certainly didn’t happen specifically so I could use that information to my advantage today. They were just events that happened, that fortunately I learned from.

I think to believe that everything does happen for a reason makes you incredibly self-centered. You are a tiny spec of nothing in this massive spinning universe. To think that events all around you are happening for your benefit, or for some made up destiny of yours, seems irresponsible.

Good things happen all the time in bad scenarios. Bad things can also come as a consequence of positive events. For example, the global pandemic was horrible. Many people died, businesses were shut down and so many people have suffered, particularly mentally. BUT, in many cases, families have gotten closer together, a lot of people have gotten in better shape, with more time on their hands to exercise. Many of my friends are thriving in this environment.

That’s life. Things happen. It doesn’t have to be for a reason.

So what’s the prescription? Phil says to just live your life. Be a good person. Enjoy yourself.

We’re here. So let’s make the best of it!

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