The Money Game: Experiences Over Things (EP.17)

In this episode of The Money Game, Phil asks about what’s most important to me. Is it collecting material things, or enjoying experiences with family and friends?

For me, it’s quite obvious after looking back that I’ve enjoyed my experiences traveling throughout Asia and Europe with my wife. I remember my Dad let me skip school when I was 11 years old to go to Marlins Opening Day in 1993 (My mom was thrilled about that). I have a nice watch that I never wear. I haven’t bought a car since 1997. And I have little interest in wearing that nice watch, or yet alone buying another one. I think cars are cool, but I’m still in no rush to go get one.

Let’s go out for sushi. How about a hike? College football game perhaps? Let’s throw a charity event and raise a ton of money to help people. Want to come to Edison, NJ for Indian food? Go wine tasting in Sonoma Valley? Hit the beaches in Miami or the Caribbean?

I’d rather do all that stuff than collect more “things”. But I hadn’t really thought of it that way until I really started to think back at my life and what stood out the most? Is it the things or the experiences? For me, it’s quite obviously the latter.

Just something to think about. There are no right or wrong answers. I think it’s about figuring out what’s best for you.

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