Technical Analysis Radio Interviews: Hedge Fund Manager, Mark Dow

Mark Dow has been a guest on this podcast more times than anyone else for a good reason. Selfishly I always enjoy chatting with him. His perspective is fascinating to me because he does such brilliant job of combining price behavior with sentiment analysis and the global macro intermarket backdrop.

Mark worked for the U.S. Treasury Department in charge of Emerging Markets in the early 90s before ultimately running money for a Global Macro Hedge Fund in New York City. So he has a lot of opinions on economics and politics, but he’s great at not letting those things get in the way of his price behavior and sentiment analysis. He’s figured out how to separate them but also use his expertise to his advantage. That’s not any task.

I loved this conversation because we talked about how institutional investors are positioned coming into the U.S. election, how currencies and interest rates around the world are being affected, and in turn how they are affecting other asset classes. I ask him about Bitcoin and Gold and which one will win that battle. Of course, the US Dollar and Emerging Markets were part of the discussion (we can’t help ourselves whenever we get together), but we talk about how EM is now being driven by Technology and no longer the Natural Resources of the past.

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This was fun. Give it a listen!

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