All Star Interviews Season 3, Episode 24: Katie Stockton, Founder & Managing Partner, Fairlead Strategies

I’m so excited to have Katie Stockton on the podcast. Katie is someone whose work I’ve followed my entire career. Even early on, she was there talking about oscillators and price behavior. She’s certainly on the list of Technicians who have influenced my work over the years. Back in the day she worked with Mike Hurley, another friend of the podcast and our featured guest in mid-March. After spending most of her career on the sell side, Katie has adapted to the changes in traditional wall street research and has now gone independent, recently founding Fairlead Strategies. This was a fun conversation that I really enjoyed. Prior to recording, I told her to just pretend we’re at a wine bar with our laptops. What would that sound like? This is that!

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Money Game Podcast: Go About Your Business (EP.15)

In this episode of the Money Game, Phil and I talk about how Technical Analysts have an advantage in the current global environment. The fact that we’re accustomed to focus on price behavior, and therefore tune out all the noise, we already have those good habits in place for a world filled with more noise than ever. I see people daily poisoning themselves with massive doses of news consumption, particularly horrible things happening all over the world. This conversation brings up some great points about taking care of your business, your family, your health and making sure that the things you can control are in order. If you don’t have your own house in order, you can’t help others. So if you really want to do right by the world, take care of yourself first, and then you will have the ability to help those in need. 

This was a really cool comparison Phil is making about the advantages technicians have in the current world.

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All Star Interviews Season 3, Episode 23: Jordan Kotick, Market Strategist

Jordan Kotick is one of the key people that early in my career inspired me to be more intermarket oriented. They would ask Jordan about the S&P500 and he would go into a tangent about bonds. They would ask him about Emerging Markets and he’d whip out, what he refers to as, “Chinese Dow Theory”. For over a decade, Jordan was the Managing Director of Macro Strategy at Barclays and then Managing Director of Cross Asset Strategy at RBC Capital Markets. He is the first person to have ever been president of both the CMT Association (then called the MTA), and the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA). In this podcast episode we talk about some of the great lessons Jordan learned over the years and what sorts of markets and charts investors should be paying attention to in the current environment. This was a really fun conversation and was great to catch up!

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All Star Interviews Season 3, Episode 22: Jeff deGraaf, Founder of Renaissance Macro Research

Jeff deGraaf is one of those analysts who influenced me very early on. Something I’ve always admired about him is how much emphasis he puts on first identifying what type of market environment we’re in, before then giving more or less weight to different tools and indicators. This is one of those important steps that I think gets forgotten quite often when you see investors trying to always incorporate a certain strategy or approach regardless of the environment. In this episode, Jeff compares this stock market crash, and subsequent recovery, to others in the past including 1987. He does a nice job of incorporating what is currently taking place in Bonds and Gold into his analysis for stocks. I think there are a lot of great lessons in this conversation with, who I believe, is one of the best Technical Analysts in the world today.

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All Star Interviews Season 3, Episode 21: Chris Ciovacco, Chief Investment Strategist, Ciovacco Capital Management

Chris Ciovacco is someone whose work I’ve followed for many years. His approach to markets is similar to mine, in that he incorporates a weight-of-the-evidence technical strategy. His open-mindedness and ability to set up multiple outcomes to prepare for, is one to be admired. In this episode, Chris walks through his thought process when analyzing the current environment. He makes a great comparison to early 2009 and asks whether we’re in January ’09, just before another severe decline in stocks, or in May, on the way up after already bottoming.

This is a great episode that I hope makes you think differently and inspires you to keep an open mind and come up with your own possible scenarios for the coming months and quarters. This was a fun one!

Make sure to follow Chris Ciovacco on Twitter and at Ciovacco Capital Management

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All Star Interviews Season 3, Episode 20: Adam Koos, Founder of Libertas Wealth Management Group

Adam Koos is a portfolio manager who uses Technical Analysis to make decisions for the clients he advises. In times like these, Financial Advisors all over the world are getting asked the hard questions. In this episode, Adam talks about how Technical Analysis has helped both his decision making and the communication with the families he works for. It’s really cool to see these tools helping advisors everywhere, and especially a friend who I speak to regularly about markets and other common interests, like sports and wine.

Adam and I were coincidentally both featured in a Wall Street Journal article this week where we shared some of our favorite tools to help us in the current environment. He is the Founder of Libertas Wealth Management Group, and I loved hearing his stories about how his career first started 20 years ago and the path that led him to where he is today. We also hear his thoughts on the current market environment and the kinds of things we should be thinking about.

I really enjoyed this episode. He brings up some great points that hopefully opens up a larger dialogue.

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