Episode 5: Peter Brandt, Trader, Author & Technical Analyst

Peter Brandt has successfully traded in 5 different decades using classic Technical Analysis principles that date back to the 1930s and 40s. In this conversation Peter goes over his selection process and strict risk management procedures. With a primary goal of capital preservation, Peter uses the leverage available in the futures and forex markets to position himself into low risk opportunities that also offer a high reward. We talk about the current environment for Stocks, Interest Rates and Commodities. Within the futures and forex space, Peter discusses his current outlook on Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Canadian Dollar and Agriculture-related assets like Soybean Meal, Wheat and Sugar. In this podcast episode, Peter shares with us how he uses the Commitment of Traders report to supplement what he is seeing in the behavior of price. We are lucky to have almost a full hour with one of  the best traders I know!

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Episode 4: Brian Shannon, Author & Founder of Alphatrends.net

Brian Shannon is one of the first Technicians that I ever followed. I used to watch his YouTube videos as far back as 2006. Brian is a pioneer in Technical Analysis in the Social Media era. His book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes is one of the most important books I’ve ever read. In this episode @alphatrends walks us through his multi-timeframe approach and how that can be incorporated into your process regardless of time horizon. We discuss the current U.S. Stock Market environment including price behavior and sentiment. Since Brian is one of the highest authorities on the subject of Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) we couldn’t help ourselves but get into the subject at length. This was a great conversation with someone who has been a mentor to a lot of us over many years.

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Episode 3: Chris Verrone, Partner at Strategas Research

Chris Verrone is a Partner at Strategas Research. Over the years his work has inspired me in several ways and we discuss that in this episode. Chris gives us his take on the US Stock Market, Interest Rates, Gold, Copper and other Base Metals. We talk about the importance of the Industrial Sector as a gauge for the direction of the S&P500. This was a great conversation with a really smart Technician.

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Episode 2: Ari Wald, Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer

Ari Wald is the Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer. He is without question one of the best Technicians in today’s markets. We’re lucky we got a full hour with Ari. He walks us through his process and then discusses how he is applying his methods to today’s markets. We talk about U.S. and foreign stocks, interest rates, Crude Oil, Gold and the US Dollar. This was awesome!

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Episode 1: Ralph Acampora, The Godfather of Technical Analysis

Ralph Acampora is the inaugural guest on Technical Analysis Radio. The legendary Technician tells us the story of Technical Analysis from the late 1800s, into the 1940 with Edwards & Magee, through his struggles in the 1970s and how we got to where we are today. Then we turn our attention to today’s markets where Ralph shares his thoughts on the current levels of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, why he think gold looks attractive and the longer-term direction of interest rates. This is a great kickoff to Technical Analysis Radio in what we hope can be something that adds value to investors all over the world.

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Introduction to The Allstarcharts Podcast

A new kind of podcast specifically focused on Technical Analysis and practicing Technicians. While we will absolutely touch on general principles, methods, and trading psychology, but there are already some great podcasts that focus solely on philosophy. The core of what we discuss on the the Allstarcharts Podcast will be based on the current market environment, idea generation and risk management procedures.

Declaration of Principles

  • We are here to discuss the behavior of the market and its participants
  • We are here to show respect to each other’s opinions
  • We are here to challenge each other’s conclusions if there is data that suggests differently
  • We are here to explain our process to the audience in a clear format
  • We are here to identify risk vs reward opportunities skewed in our favor
  • We will not pretend the market is a soap opera and create narratives so we can sell ads
  • We will not make outlandish predictions without risk management procedures
  • We will not ignore an important market development in favor of a more popular one
  • We are here selfishly to learn and grow as market participants
  • We are here to win