Episode 16: Joseph Fahmy, Managing Director of Zor Capital

Joe Fahmy is a trader whose work I’ve respected for nearly a decade when I was first introduced to him and his investing style. What makes Joe special in my opinion is his awareness of when to press his long positions and be aggressive, while at the same time incorporating a more neutral or defensive approach whenever the market dictates. This discipline is not always easy, but he does it well. Joe and I have known each other for a long time and the conversations we’ve had over meals or drinks is a large part of the inspiration to start this podcast. Joe Fahmy is one of the premier voices for the importance of relative strength analysis throughout an investing process. In this podcast episode we discuss the current U.S. Stock Market environment, sentiment and some select areas where he is currently seeing rotation and strength. This was a great conversations with someone who I consider to be one of the smartest guys in the room! I hope you enjoy.

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Episode 15: Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer at T3 Live Trading Group

Scott Redler has been trading for almost 20 years. He’s been through the ups and downs in the market on a daily basis and that is something I have a tremendous amount of respect for. Not many people can say this and still be alive and doing better than ever. I’m happy for him and could not be more thrilled to have him as a guest on the podcast. Today Scott is the┬áChief Strategic Officer at T3 Live where he gets to trade throughout the day as well as share his ideas with the world every single day of the week. In this conversation, Scott walks us through a normal day in his world, what he’s currently seeing in Technology and Energy stocks, where he did well last year and some interesting thoughts on the crypto-currency world. What I loved about this episode is that we have a trader speaking from the heart and letting us into his head so we can all become better and wiser investors. I really enjoyed this and I hope you do as well.

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Episode 14: JC O’hara, Chief Market Technician at FBN Securities

JC O’hara is the perfect compliment to all of the amazing guests that we’ve already on the podcast. Because his clients are primarily hedge funds and other buy side institutions, JC brings a unique perspective on market behavior, sentiment and investor psychology. As the Chief Market Technician at FBN Securities, JC gets to speak to some of the smartest investors in the market and we’re lucky to have him sharing his insights and experiences with us in this episode. This week we talk about the current market environment for stocks using breadth indicators, Put/Call Ratios, Investor polls and valuation metrics. I really enjoyed this conversation with someone whose work I have a ton of respect for. I hope you get as much value from this as I did.

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Episode 13: James Bianco, President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research

James Bianco is someone who has definitely influenced my work throughout my career. If you’ve ever watched one of my presentations, you know I could rip through 150 charts in an hour without a problem. I’m pretty sure I got in this habit watching James Bianco. Also, his multiple timeframe approach to Interest Rates and Intermarket Analysis is something I have a lot of respect for. In this conversation we discuss Bitcoin, of course, Rates, Sentiment, old market indicators that are no longer useful and what the spread between Copper and Gold could be signaling for the market moving forward. This was a real treat for me to have someone I’ve looked up to for a long time and pick his brain about his process. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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Episode 12: Charlie Bilello, Director of Research at Pension Partners, LLC

This week on the podcast we have Charlie Bilello, Chartered Market Technician and Director of Research at Pension Partners, LLC. Charlie is someone many of us consider to be a deep thinker. The former Charles Dow Award winner is well known for busting stock market myths made popular by members of the media and other types of people who do not even participate in markets. In this episode we discuss why news consumption tends to do more harm than good, what some of the alternatives are and why it is a good idea to follow market behavior, instead of people’s opinions. We get into the current market environment and discuss the current sentiment and price action in Gold, Bitcoin and US Equities. Charlie is one of the ones I knew I wanted to have on this podcast early on, so I’m thrilled that he was able to join us for a full hour. This is a must listen to conversation from someone who I have a ton of respect for!

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Episode 11: Chris Kimble, Technical Analyst & Founder of Kimble Charting Solutions

Chris Kimble is one of those Technical Analysts that I started following a long time ago. He incorporates an intermarket approach and consistently uses multiple timeframes. Those are things that definitely get my attention. In this podcast, Chris shares with us some of his experiences with his mentor Sir John Templeton. While we talk about a lot of the lessons that we’ve learned over the years, this conversation dives into the short-term and longer-term outlook for Gold, the US Dollar, Crude Oil and Interest Rates. Sentiment is something that Chris and I both focus on so I think this conversation is well rounded in terms of having both an educational focus and actionable ideas for the current market environment.

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