All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 10: James Bartelloni, The Intermarket Musician

This is a special episode for me. James Bartelloni, CMT was one of my early mentors in the field of Technical Analysis. It’s a treat to be able to have him join us on the podcast. What I like about Bart is that every time we chat, he gets me thinking about something new. He looks at the market in a different way than most market participants. His risk management techniques include sacred geometry, musical notes and lunar cycles, among others. It’s always an interesting conversation with Bart, the editor of the blog If this episode gets you thinking differently and gets you a bit out of your comfort zone, mission accomplished!

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Money Game Podcast: Bullish Grit (EP.3)

I am really enjoying these conversations with Dr. Phil Pearlman. This is the 3rd episode we do where we’re discussing important topics about our feelings and emotions. Today’s topic is Grit, and the advantages that someone with grit has these days over those who don’t. Taking a loss and moving on is not just part of investing, it’s part of life. In this conversation we discuss the Bond Market and the implications of U.S. 10-year yields losing 3% and why Phil is Bullish Grit going into 2019.

Panel Discussion At Trade Ideas Summit 2018: Brian Shannon, Dr Brett Steenbarger & JC Parets

This past weekend I was down in San Diego for the annual Trade Ideas Summit. I gave a presentation earlier in the day, which you can watch here, and then sat on panel later in the afternoon with some really smart guys. So I thought it would add value to share this conversation with everyone.

My good friend Sean McLaughlin, who is also the Chief Options Strategist at moderated the panel, which included Brian Shannon and Dr. Brett Steenbarger. This conversation revolves a lot around process. Dr. Brett gave us a ton of insight as to what we can do psychologically to help us perform better. Brian is someone who I’ve been learning from since 2005, so it was a real treat to be sitting up there with these guys.

Here is the panel discussion in full:

All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 9: Frank Cappelleri, Senior Sales Trader & Head Market Technician at Instinet

Frank Cappelleri is one of my favorite guys to listen to. He brings a unique perspective because of a lot of his experience on Wall Street. Early in his career he spent time working at Smith Barney with legends Alan Shaw and Louise Yamada. He then experienced his first bear market after March 2000 working with former Lehman trader┬áJohn Schlitz. Frank has been at Instinet, which is owned by Nomura, for a long time and is constantly in touch with some of the smartest guys in the business. I think he’s as good a technician as anyone and in this episode he shows us just that. We discuss the market implications of a rising US Dollar and why he no longer has a target above 3050 for the S&P500. I was really looking forward to this conversation and we’re lucky we get to pick his brain for a bit. I hope you enjoy this one!

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Panel Discussion At Traders4ACause 2018: Joe Fahmy, Paul Singh & JC Parets

This past weekend was the 5th annual Traders4ACause Conference in Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun and a bunch of us helped raise money for a list of great causes. On Saturday I gave a presentation about what I’m currently seeing in the markets, including Stocks, Bonds and Currencies. Sunday I sat on a panel with Joe Fahmy and Paul Singh and we just chatted about the markets, what we’re seeing out there and shared some stories about the things we’ve learned over the years. We recorded the conversation so here it is in full. I encourage everyone to check out the Traders4ACause site and donate even if you could not attend. I hope you enjoy our discussion!

All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 8: Mark Newton, Founder of Newton Advisors

In this episode I am thrilled to have Mark Newton, Founder of Newton Advisors. Mark is one of those Technical Analysts that I have followed for many many years. His intermarket perspective and top/down approach is one of the best on The Street. He does great work on relative strength and ratio charts to really gauge the flow of money from one asset to another. His experience on both the Buy Side and Sell Side gives him a unique perspective and I’ve always found it helpful to pick his brain whenever I get the chance. In our conversation we discussed U.S. Stock market breadth, keeping an open mind to future outcomes, Interest Rates, Oil and Gold and how he approaches the market day in and day out. I really enjoyed recording this episode and I think you’ll quickly see why. This was a good one!

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