All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 13: Brett Steenbarger, Trading Psychologist

Having Trading Psychologist Dr. Brett Steenbarger on the podcast was a huge treat for me. He works with the best traders on planet earth on a daily basis. Needless to say, when Dr. Brett is telling me something, I want to listen. In this episode, he let me ask him all the questions I was curious about and he happily answered them all with solid advice and relevant anecdotes. We make a lot of mistakes as investors because of our many flaws as humans. When our stress levels are elevated we start acting emotionally, instead of rationally. Taking losses is a difficult task for us, even though we all know that losses are part of the deal. I really enjoyed this conversation and it could have gone on forever if I didn’t end it. I hope you get as much value from this chat as I did.


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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 12: David Keller, Chief Strategist at Sierra Alpha Research

This week I’m thrilled to have David Keller on the podcast. He is a former President of the CMT Association and spent a long time at Fidelity, and Bloomberg before that. In this episode, the current Chief Strategist at Sierra Alpha walks us through why is approaching the U.S. stock market from a more neutral perspective. We discuss US Treasury Bonds, Rates, Gold, Crude Oil and other assets that are making new highs like Palladium. I really enjoyed this conversation, especially how David compares trading to risk management as a pilot. He likes to fly planes when he’s not looking at charts. This was a fun chat.


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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 11: Arun Chopra, of Fusion Point Capital

A conversation with Arun Chopra is one that makes you smarter. That’s how I see it. Arun has formal training as both a CFA Charterholder and a CMT. He has helped produce award winning films at the Sundance Film Festival and he’s on the same journey as us: to make money in the market. He uses a combination of global macro, technical and sentiment indicators that he is working on putting into a more quantitative model. Picking his brain about the process and his experiences in this endeavor was really enlightening. In this episode we discuss current markets, sector rotation, credit spreads widening and the possibilities for the US Stock Market Indexes to break to new lows. I really enjoyed this discussion with Arun. I always do.


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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 10: James Bartelloni, The Intermarket Musician

This is a special episode for me. James Bartelloni, CMT was one of my early mentors in the field of Technical Analysis. It’s a treat to be able to have him join us on the podcast. What I like about Bart is that every time we chat, he gets me thinking about something new. He looks at the market in a different way than most market participants. His risk management techniques include sacred geometry, musical notes and lunar cycles, among others. It’s always an interesting conversation with Bart, the editor of the blog If this episode gets you thinking differently and gets you a bit out of your comfort zone, mission accomplished!

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Money Game Podcast: Bullish Grit (EP.3)

I am really enjoying these conversations with Dr. Phil Pearlman. This is the 3rd episode we do where we’re discussing important topics about our feelings and emotions. Today’s topic is Grit, and the advantages that someone with grit has these days over those who don’t. Taking a loss and moving on is not just part of investing, it’s part of life. In this conversation we discuss the Bond Market and the implications of U.S. 10-year yields losing 3% and why Phil is Bullish Grit going into 2019.

Panel Discussion At Trade Ideas Summit 2018: Brian Shannon, Dr Brett Steenbarger & JC Parets

This past weekend I was down in San Diego for the annual Trade Ideas Summit. I gave a presentation earlier in the day, which you can watch here, and then sat on panel later in the afternoon with some really smart guys. So I thought it would add value to share this conversation with everyone.

My good friend Sean McLaughlin, who is also the Chief Options Strategist at moderated the panel, which included Brian Shannon and Dr. Brett Steenbarger. This conversation revolves a lot around process. Dr. Brett gave us a ton of insight as to what we can do psychologically to help us perform better. Brian is someone who I’ve been learning from since 2005, so it was a real treat to be sitting up there with these guys.

Here is the panel discussion in full: