Money Game Podcast: Go About Your Business (EP.15)

In this episode of the Money Game, Phil and I talk about how Technical Analysts have an advantage in the current global environment. The fact that we’re accustomed to focus on price behavior, and therefore tune out all the noise, we already have those good habits in place for a world filled with more noise than ever. I see people daily poisoning themselves with massive doses of news consumption, particularly horrible things happening all over the world. This conversation brings up some great points about taking care of your business, your family, your health and making sure that the things you can control are in order. If you don’t have your own house in order, you can’t help others. So if you really want to do right by the world, take care of yourself first, and then you will have the ability to help those in need. 

This was a really cool comparison Phil is making about the advantages technicians have in the current world.

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