Money Game Podcast: The Mean Reversion Heuristic (EP.14)

There are a lot of people out there who would rather fight trends than take advantage of the ones that are already in place. The idea is they are always looking for the reversion to the mean. And while some think prices always come back to the mean, it’s often forgotten that the mean can also catch up (or down) to price. I learned this lesson the hard way in 2013 and it has served me well ever since. This episode is short and sweet but I think adds a tremendous amount of value.

When I asked Phil to comment on the subject, he said, “Give me someone who can adapt, someone who is flexible over someone who is a rocket scientist any day because I can teach him to ignore that voice inside his head telling him that breakouts must revert.

The mean reversion heuristic is just one more example of how conventional thinking styles, that come hard wired in most of us and which serve us just fine in most environments, require suspension in the trading turret.”

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Money Game Podcast: New Trends For 2020 (EP.13)

In this special episode of The Money Game, Phil asks me about any new trends I’m seeing for 2020. I give him both the sexy answer, that everyone seems to want to hear, and the real answer. I think this was a quick but valuable conversation about US and foreign markets, US Sectors like Technology and Financials and even what we see coming for Bitcoin. We had good timing on this conversation as we’re just getting starting the new year.

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Money Game Podcast: Being A Gamer (Ep.12)

In this Episode of the Money Game Podcast, Pearlman goes off on what a Gamer Lamar Jackson has been. Growing up in Baltimore, Phil a big Ravens fan so we take this opportunity to talk about something really important: Going for it. We look a few weeks back when the head coach believed in Lamar’s enthusiasm to just go for it on 4th down and it most certainly paid off! You live once and have the option to either go out there and get it, or always think back wondering what if? Whatever it is that’s your thing – just go for it!

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Money Game Podcast: Stocks At New Highs & Bulls At New Lows (EP.11)

In this episode of the Money Game Podcast Phil and I talk about the stock market making all-time highs while sentiment points to very few bulls. This is an interesting dynamic where the behavior of the market is pointing to one thing and the behavior and emotions of society are saying something different. I’ve been in the camp that this negative sentiment unwind is precisely the catalyst to take stocks much higher, not just in the U.S. but around the world. It’s very rare to have stocks this strong, yet so few people betting on higher stock prices. It’s pretty awesome. We also talk about the deterioration, or at least an end to the expansion we’re seeing, in the upside participation in stocks. We’re seeing MORE stocks, sectors and global indexes participating to the upside, not fewer. Until that stops, we want to keep looking for stocks to buy.

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Money Game Podcast: JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out (EP.10)

We are back with another episode of The Money Game Podcast with Phil Pearlman. Today we talk about JOMO, the Joy Of Missing Out. Phil brings up a point about the amount of work that goes into today’s version of Keeping up with the Joneses: Instagram, for example. People are so concerned with Missing Out (FOMO) that they’re completely ignoring the joys of missing out (JOMO). Saying No gives us the ability and the time to stay focused on what is probably more important, whether it’s health, family, friends, work or whatever else you’re into. We see this in the market constantly, with traders chasing trades and worrying about what trades other people are in and the money other people are making. The beauty of this situation in the market is that we’re guaranteed to get another opportunity. The market doesn’t give us many (any?) other guarantees. The one thing we do know is that there are no called strikes on wall street. We can stay patient and wait for our pitch, because we know for a fact that one is coming.

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Money Game Podcast: The Irrational Permabear (EP.9)

We are back with another episode of The Money Game Podcast with Phil Pearlman. Today we talk about the inability for some people trade US stocks from the long side due to biases stemming from past experiences. This is a real thing that we see constantly. So we talk about the causes, being aware of these feelings and what can be done to overcome these hurdles. I’m lucky that I’ve been through enough bull market and bear market cycles to not get stuck into betting on just one side or the other. But some people have a real fear of admitting they’re wrong and turning bullish at, what they think might be, precisely the wrong time. Some of this is driven by ego and some is just irrational anxiety. This is a really important conversation and one that I will likely listen to again several times over in the future.

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