Technical Analysis Radio Interviews: Veteran Technical Analyst, Jeff Weiss, CMT

This week on the podcast, I’m thrilled to have Jeff Weiss, CMT join me for a really fun chat. If you know Jeff, you already know that he’s quite the character. The stories he has from his early days in the 1960s and 70s are awesome. Have you ever heard of a squawk box? How about quote machines that you had to stand in line to use, and would still only get one stock quote at a time?

In this conversation Jeff shares old stories about how he got his first job, cold-calling CEOs of different firms until one of them finally gave him a shot. Even if you’re not into Technical Analysis, and you’re just a fan of the market, or business in general, this episode is for you.

Make sure to check out Jeff’s book: Relationship Investing, named “Best Investment Book of the Year” by the 2018 Stock Trader’s Almanac.

This was a ton of fun. Big shout out to Jeff Weiss for joining me on the show.


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Happy Hour With Traders: Hosted by JC Parets and Joe Fahmy [Holidays Edition] We invited all our friends!

Oh man this was a lot of fun! Fahmy calls me up and says let’s invite everyone to a zoom call and talk about markets and drink Champagne.

Obviously, I said I was in!

We had two questions we were asking,

1) What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2020, and 2) What’s your best trade for the first half of 2021?

Next July, whoever ended up picking the best trade gets a donation from us to the charity of their choice, plus I hand select a bottle of champagne and will be sending it over to the winner.

This was a great conversation with a group of really smart people. I’d be taking some notes on this one. There’s good stuff in here.


The “Post-Spreadsheet” World | JC & Howard Lindzon on Happy Hour w/ Traders

This week on Happy Hour w/ Traders, I sit down with venture capitalist Howard Lindzon. He’s a Tech investor, or that’s what it feels like from my perspective. So my question was how he invests when money is rotating out of large-cap tech and into other areas?

This sparked an interesting conversation about using today’s tools to generate new ideas, even if they’re out of your wheelhouse. We have a massive community and new tools at our disposal that investors before us never had. Let’s be grateful, and let’s take advantage!

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Technical Analysis Radio Interviews: Hedge Fund Manager, Mark Dow

Mark Dow has been a guest on this podcast more times than anyone else for a good reason. Selfishly I always enjoy chatting with him. His perspective is fascinating to me because he does such brilliant job of combining price behavior with sentiment analysis and the global macro intermarket backdrop.

Mark worked for the U.S. Treasury Department in charge of Emerging Markets in the early 90s before ultimately running money for a Global Macro Hedge Fund in New York City. So he has a lot of opinions on economics and politics, but he’s great at not letting those things get in the way of his price behavior and sentiment analysis. He’s figured out how to separate them but also use his expertise to his advantage. That’s not any task.

I loved this conversation because we talked about how institutional investors are positioned coming into the U.S. election, how currencies and interest rates around the world are being affected, and in turn how they are affecting other asset classes. I ask him about Bitcoin and Gold and which one will win that battle. Of course, the US Dollar and Emerging Markets were part of the discussion (we can’t help ourselves whenever we get together), but we talk about how EM is now being driven by Technology and no longer the Natural Resources of the past.

Make sure you’re following @mark_dow on Twitter.

This was fun. Give it a listen!

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My Interview With Jack Schwager – Author of Market Wizards

I’ve done over 115 Podcast episodes and I don’t remember being this excited to interview someone. I’ve read all the Jack Schwager books and some of them multiple times. I know traders who regularly read these chapters as part of the mental training.

Think about it, Jack has interviewed the greatest traders in history. All of them. It’s incredible. And you know what strategies he uses to trade his own personal money? Technical Analysis.

He’s interviewed all of the best traders for his Market Wizards books. And he says about half of them choose their market direction using Technical Analysis. But almost all of them have some sort of Technical component for risk management. This concept of Risk Management is the one common denominator between all of the most successful Traders.

Jack also pokes fun at the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which you know always brings a smile to my face. He discusses some of the success of these traders and how their consistent returns over such long periods of time completely dismiss what he refers to as the Deficient Market Hypothesis.

Don’t walk to listen to this one. Run!

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All Star Options October Conference Call – The Audio File

For this episode of the podcast I thought we’d switch things up a bit. This week was our Monthly Conference Call for Premium Members of All Star Options. We’ve been doing this for years. Sean McLaughlin and I jump on a live video call where I go over the current market environment. And then Sean comes in and overlays his volatility analysis to find the best possible Options Trades to take advantage of the circumstances.

If you are interested in learning more about All Star Options, check it all out at

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