Episode 9: Phil Pearlman, Stock Market Psychologist

Dr. Phil Pearlman is a stock market psychologist who I have turned to for help and guidance throughout a large portion of my career. In this episode we dive deep into cognitive behavior and discuss some solutions to flaws in the behavior of investors. Phil discusses exposure therapy for traders in a similar way that PTSD patients are treated. Technical Analysis is the study of the behavior of the market and market participants. The more we learn about ourselves and the way we are trained to think emotionally, the more aware we will be as we enter and exit the public marketplace. I asked Phil to give us his take on Bitcoin, Stock Market Volatility and Precious Metals. This conversation is one I recommend going back to on regular basis to remind ourselves to be more in tune with what we’re thinking and why we’re thinking it.

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Episode 8: Larry McDonald, Bear Traps Report & NY Times Best Selling Author

Larry McDonald is not only one of my favorite authors and analysts, but also one of my favorite people. His perspective on markets, sentiment and investor behavior is like no other. Larry is the author of A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers. It is a must read for any investor. While he tends to focus more on the Bond Market and Interest Rates, he incorporates an intermarket approach that includes currencies, equities and commodities. While this is a podcast specifically about Technical Analysis, I think Larry brings in a political and economic point-of-view to the behavior of markets, but ties it all together with the study of price. This conversation was a real treat for me personally. I think you’ll get a lot from this one!

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Episode 7: Jason Goepfert, SentimenTrader.com

Sentiment is one of the most important tools we have as Technicians. There is a lot of data out there and I think Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader.com does the best job of compiling it all and making it available for both professional and retail investors. I particularly like how Jason is self-aware of the pros and cons when it comes to analyzing sentiment. I think our discussion clears up some of the misconceptions and we go into detail about how to use it and when to take advantage of certain extremes. This was a real treat for me as I have personally been a subscriber for almost a decade.

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Episode 6: Jonathan Krinsky, Technician & Managing Director At MKM Partners

Jonathan Krinsky is a great compliment to the guests we have already had on Technical Analysis Radio. His Intermarket and top/down approach is very well rounded and consistent. In this podcast episode, Jonathan explains how his mentor Phil Roth helped point him in the right direction earlier in his career, particularly during the 2008 Financial crisis. In this discussion we talk about US and Global Stocks, Interest Rates, Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. Sectors mentioned include Financials, Technology, Biotechnology and Energy. I really enjoyed this conversation!

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Episode 5: Peter Brandt, Trader, Author & Technical Analyst

Peter Brandt has successfully traded in 5 different decades using classic Technical Analysis principles that date back to the 1930s and 40s. In this conversation Peter goes over his selection process and strict risk management procedures. With a primary goal of capital preservation, Peter uses the leverage available in the futures and forex markets to position himself into low risk opportunities that also offer a high reward. We talk about the current environment for Stocks, Interest Rates and Commodities. Within the futures and forex space, Peter discusses his current outlook on Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Canadian Dollar and Agriculture-related assets like Soybean Meal, Wheat and Sugar. In this podcast episode, Peter shares with us how he uses the Commitment of Traders report to supplement what he is seeing in the behavior of price. We are lucky to have almost a full hour with one of  the best traders I know!

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Episode 4: Brian Shannon, Author & Founder of Alphatrends.net

Brian Shannon is one of the first Technicians that I ever followed. I used to watch his YouTube videos as far back as 2006. Brian is a pioneer in Technical Analysis in the Social Media era. His book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes is one of the most important books I’ve ever read. In this episode @alphatrends walks us through his multi-timeframe approach and how that can be incorporated into your process regardless of time horizon. We discuss the current U.S. Stock Market environment including price behavior and sentiment. Since Brian is one of the highest authorities on the subject of Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) we couldn’t help ourselves but get into the subject at length. This was a great conversation with someone who has been a mentor to a lot of us over many years.

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