Episode 25: Rick Bensignor, Behavioral Market Strategist

Rick Bensignor is an analyst whose work I’ve followed for a long time. In my early days as a technician I always appreciated his intermarket and behavioral approach to investing. When he reached out to me earlier this year I took advantage and invited him on to the podcast right away. Since we don’t know each other very well yet, I tried to really get a good understanding of both his experience and approach to markets. I think you’ll come away from this episode with a better understanding of the changes in the business of wall street research, new perspective on the secular cycles for interest rates and an appreciation for technical analysis as a tool, and not a career. Rick talks about the importance of sector rotation analysis for the long only community and I tend to agree with a lot of what he has to say. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

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Episode 24: Jon Najarian, Co-Founder of Investitute

Jon Najarian has been trading options since the early 80s when he first entered the Chicago pits. I’ve always had an appreciation for the way Jon looks at the behavior of market participants through the options market, particularly the largest institutional players. By monitoring the volume size of these trades, he pays close attention to what the biggest participants are doing, often times trading alongside the “smart money”. I think his perspective on this specific area of the market adds a ton of value to our conversations about Technical Analysis. In this episode, we discuss the new higher volatility regime in U.S. Stocks, what to expect moving forward and a few areas in the market where Jon is seeing unusual options activity. Since we’re lucky enough to have “Dr J” on the podcast, we had to ask him about the Chicago Bears, what the trading life in the city of Chicago was like, how things have changed through Technology and even a few words on Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies. I really enjoyed this conversation with someone whose work I have really admired for a long time.

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Episode 23: Jay Woods, NYSE Floor Governor

Jay Woods has been a designated market maker on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for over 25 years. This being Technical Analysis Radio, I think it’s important to understand what goes on down there and how it’s changed over time. In this episode Jay shares old war stories from one of the most important and symbolic buildings in America. This conversation is the perfect compliment to some of the other perspectives we’ve heard throughout season one of the podcast. Jay Woods is a Chartered Market Technician who focuses on price behavior and sentiment. We discuss the current U.S. Stock Market environment including sector rotation, particularly in Financials and Technology. With volatility coming back in 2018, I think this is a great time to hear from Jay and find out what he’s seeing from the floor of the NYSE.

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Episode 22: Jeff Hirsch, Editor of the Annual Stock Traders Almanac

Jeff Hirsch is the Editor of the annual Stock Traders Almanac, an inside look at the seasonal tendencies of the stock market. As Technicians we study the behavior of the market and market participants. By analyzing how our human activities change throughout the year, as well as various other cycles, we can see the impact it has on the stock market. Yale Hirsch, Jeff’s father, first started publishing the almanac in the late 1960s. In this podcast episode, Jeff tells us what it was like growing up studying charts and seasonality. He then walks us through some of the most important seasonal cycles, and what some of the implications are when markets ignore seasonal tendencies. In this podcast series we like to focus on the current market environment and this episode is no different. The Almanac Trader and I discuss the current Midterm Election year and how January got us started. There are several cycles coming together at once right now and it’s fascinating to hear it directly from Jeff himself. I think this discussion about seasonality is the perfect compliment to some of the other podcasts episodes that showcase different types of technical analysis tools.

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Episode 21: Andrew Thrasher, Portfolio Manager at The Financial Enhancement Group

Andrew Thrasher is the perfect guest to have on the podcast this month. His expertise in Volatility made him the 2017 Charles Dow Award winner, ironically the year that the US Stock market saw the lowest volatility on record. Today, Andrew is an Indianapolis-based Portfolio Manager at The Financial Enhancement group and we’re thrilled to have him on. In this episode, Andrew walks us through the Volatility spike in early February, some of the things that accelerated the move and what we should expect moving forward. We discuss his thoughts on market breadth, internals and sector rotation. This is a timely conversation with one of the smart ones!

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Episode 20: Louise Yamada, Managing Director of LY Technical Research Advisors

Louise Yamada has been an inspiration to me for my entire career. Bringing nearly 4 decades of experience as a technical analyst, Louise adds a unique perspective on markets that makes her the perfect compliment to some of the younger guests that we’ve had on the podcast. Louise,¬†who for a number of years received Institutional Investor’s top ranking, was a special guest on “Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street” and you can still find her regularly being featured¬†on Bloomberg, CNBC and other financial media outlets. Today, Louise Yamada, CMT is the Managing Director of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors (LYA). In this conversation we talk about the long-term cycles of interest rates and precious metals going back almost 100 years. While we do dive into these longer time horizons, in this episode Louise also gives us her short-term take on U.S. Stocks, Gold, Bitcoin and even lays out her favorite strategy for the Bond Market right now. This is such a treat for us to have a legend share her time and be a guest on our show. She has been a huge influence on my work over many years, so I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did!

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