Introduction to The Allstarcharts Podcast

A new kind of podcast specifically focused on Technical Analysis and practicing Technicians. While we will absolutely touch on general principles, methods, and trading psychology, but there are already some great podcasts that focus solely on philosophy. The core of what we discuss on the the Allstarcharts Podcast will be based on the current market environment, idea generation and risk management procedures.

Declaration of Principles

  • We are here to discuss the behavior of the market and its participants
  • We are here to show respect to each other’s opinions
  • We are here to challenge each other’s conclusions if there is data that suggests differently
  • We are here to explain our process to the audience in a clear format
  • We are here to identify risk vs reward opportunities skewed in our favor
  • We will not pretend the market is a soap opera and create narratives so we can sell ads
  • We will not make outlandish predictions without risk management procedures
  • We will not ignore an important market development in favor of a more popular one
  • We are here selfishly to learn and grow as market participants
  • We are here to win