Two Technicians Talking Charts w/ Ian McMillan

In this podcast episode I sit down with Ian McMillan to talk charts and answer the question: Why Technical Analysis?

Ian makes some good points about Financial Advisors who “buy and hold”, that you can often find at the golf course. He’s always striving to be the opposite of that.

When it comes to the market, we dive right in to talk market internals, major trends, Gold, Energy and Bitcoin.

Ian and I have known each other for years so it’s always fun to catch up and see what’s on his mind. Enjoy!

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Fixed Income, Commodities & Currencies | My Conversation w/ Paul Ciana, CMT Bank of America Merrill Lynch

This is a fun one. I got to sit down with Paul Ciana to talk about all things Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies. Paul is now the Chief Global FICC Technical Strategist and Director of Research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. But in the early days, him and I used to study for our CMTs together back in 2006.

What’s nice about this is that in his current position, and for 10 years at Bloomberg prior to his 5 years at BofA, he’s had the opportunity to speak to many of the largest portfolio managers in the world. I want to know what he’s learned from all those conversations!

Paul always gives great perspective and as you know, the macro view carries a big weighting throughout our process. So this episode really hit home.

I took advantage and just hit him with all my favorite questions and topics in the FICC world. And he just chuckled and happily answered most of them.

This was great! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

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DeFi & Technical Analysis | My Conversation w/ Jim Bianco, CMT

The DeFi Revolution is upon us, at least according to Jim Bianco. For many years, I’ve looked up to Jim and the work he’s been doing at Bianco Research and, in fact, he’s the one who first inspired me to rip through hundreds of charts during my live presentations in order to get my points across. It took me about a decade to realize it, but it was him who I got that from.

Fast forward to 2021, and the Macro Technician who I’ve always admired has turned into one of the leading voices of what’s taking place in DeFi, or “Decentralized Finance”. Who better to talk to about what’s going on than Jim himself? Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Yield Farming, Metamask Wallets, Coinbase….the whole thing.

We dive right into it and talk about how investors of all kinds can take advantage of this revolution into a decentralized world. Traders, Investors, Financial Advisors and even their clients….what does everyone do about this?

We do our best to answer those questions in this podcast episode. I personally really really enjoyed this chat. I hope you do too!

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One on One with Meb Faber – All Things ETFs, Momentum & Value

This week on the podcast I sit down with Meb Faber, Co-Founder, CEO and CIO of Cambia Investments. In addition to his “Day job”, as he puts it, Meb has authored 5 investment books, a countless amount of white papers, and is also a very popular follow on Twtter @MebFaber.

This was really fun for me because Meb is an expert at a lot of things that I am just not, like what happens behind the scenes at ETFs, angel investing and academic studies. He brings up some great points about providing strategies that work, but that people also want/need.

He has some strong opinions about share buy backs instead of distributing dividends, learning through acting and participating, and how lucky him and I are that we took the CMT decades ago when it was a lot easier than it is today!

This was a lot of fun. Meb is a chill dude, but don’t let him fool you, he’s one of the smartest guys in the room!


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A Canadian Perspective w/ CIBC Portfolio Manager David Cox

In a market environment where Financials and Natural Resources have become leadership groups, how do we not have a conversation about Canada? Taking that one step further, we need to talk about how any investor, whether living in Canada or not, can take advantage of a potential structural swing in the trend for Canadian Equities.

David Cox is someone who I’ve discussed markets with for many years. We usually hook up every Spring in New York City at the annual CMT Symposium. It’s only fair that I let the rest of the world eavesdrop on our chats. He’s a bright guy with good perspective on all things stocks, interest rates, forex markets and even Bitcoin.

David is a Portfolio Managers at CIBC and is a true trend follower. He tells it like it is. I really enjoy that about him. I was looking forward to having this conversation, and he exceeded all expectations. David really brings it in this episode!!

I hope you enjoy.

And make sure to give him a follow on Twitter @DavidCoxWG

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The Money Game: NO! Not Everything Happens For A Reason (EP.18)

In the latest episode of The Money Game, Phil and I talk about the old cliché, ‘Everything happens for a reason’.

It’s funny because it doesn’t. Not everything happens for a reason. What’s the reason?

It’s hard for humans to accept the element of randomness. Sure, good things can happen after a tough breakup or losing your job. Like you can meet your future wife or start a successful business, all after what seemed like a negative event in your life. But connecting the 2 dots is silly.

Now, it’s perfectly natural for us as humans to want to do that, but it doesn’t make it right.

We inherently want to learn, and how I see, the best ways to learn are from experiences. Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned came the hard way, for sure. And I can think back to those moments and I’m now thankful for them. But they certainly didn’t happen specifically so I could use that information to my advantage today. They were just events that happened, that fortunately I learned from.

I think to believe that everything does happen for a reason makes you incredibly self-centered. You are a tiny spec of nothing in this massive spinning universe. To think that events all around you are happening for your benefit, or for some made up destiny of yours, seems irresponsible.

Good things happen all the time in bad scenarios. Bad things can also come as a consequence of positive events. For example, the global pandemic was horrible. Many people died, businesses were shut down and so many people have suffered, particularly mentally. BUT, in many cases, families have gotten closer together, a lot of people have gotten in better shape, with more time on their hands to exercise. Many of my friends are thriving in this environment.

That’s life. Things happen. It doesn’t have to be for a reason.

So what’s the prescription? Phil says to just live your life. Be a good person. Enjoy yourself.

We’re here. So let’s make the best of it!

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