All Star Interviews Season 3, Episode 20: Adam Koos, Founder of Libertas Wealth Management Group

Adam Koos is a portfolio manager who uses Technical Analysis to make decisions for the clients he advises. In times like these, Financial Advisors all over the world are getting asked the hard questions. In this episode, Adam talks about how Technical Analysis has helped both his decision making and the communication with the families he works for. It’s really cool to see these tools helping advisors everywhere, and especially a friend who I speak to regularly about markets and other common interests, like sports and wine.

Adam and I were coincidentally both featured in a Wall Street Journal article this week where we shared some of our favorite tools to help us in the current environment. He is the Founder of Libertas Wealth Management Group, and I loved hearing his stories about how his career first started 20 years ago and the path that led him to where he is today. We also hear his thoughts on the current market environment and the kinds of things we should be thinking about.

I really enjoyed this episode. He brings up some great points that hopefully opens up a larger dialogue.

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