All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 19: Julius de Kempenaer, Creator of Relative Rotation Graphs

Relative Rotation Graphs are some of the best visual tools in Technical Analysis today. In this episode, I am thrilled to have the creator of RRG, Julius de Kempenaer, on to talk about what first inspired him to create this tool and what some of the best practices are for market participants. I discovered RRG about 6-7 years ago after watching a colleague use it during a presentation at Bloomberg in New York City. As a technician, I use charts to visualize data to help identify trends and manage risk. RRG is more of a rotation tool that can be used for sectors, country indexes and currencies. By using a combination of Relative Strength and Momentum data, the RRG rotates clockwise from Leading to Weakening, to Lagging, to Improving and then back again to Leading. In this discussion, Julius walks us through how he likes to use it and explains its construction. If you’re interested at all in sector rotation and relative strength, this tool is for you!

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