All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 16: Tyler Wood, Managing Director at CMT Association

Tyler Wood is a Managing Director at the CMT Association, the global credentialing body for the CMT designation. A Chartered Market Technician (CMT) has achieved┬áthe highest education within the discipline of Technical Analysis and is the preeminent designation for practitioners worldwide. I finished up the 3rd Level of the CMT back in 2008, just in time to help me navigate that historic period for the market. I’ve known Tyler for almost 10 years and can tell you first hand that he is regularly speaking with some of the best technicians in the world. I think he brings a unique perspective on the subject and thought he would be a good compliment to a lot of the other guests we’ve had on the podcast. In the episode we touch on the growth of Technical Analysis and the CMT since the late 60s, the role that women have always played in the field and in the organization, the international awareness we’re seeing about Technicals and how social media has changed the access that younger market participants have to market veterans. I really enjoyed this one!


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