I Discovered Technical Analysis By Necessity

Last week I was in London giving a presentation at the local chapter of the CMT Association. We had a great turnout and they asked a lot of really smart questions. I was not surprised at all by the high caliber of attendees, from Analysts to Portfolio Managers and even younger participants eager to learn. It was awesome all around.

Prior to the event I sat down with Alex Spiroglou to talk about how I first got into Technical Analysis and what a normal day at ASC Research looks like. This is the full audio of that interview.

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Live Q&A After My Presentation in Athens

Earlier this month I was invited to come speak at the Hellenic chapter of the CMT Association in Athens, Greece. We had a much bigger crowd that I expected. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at many of the chapters around the world, including all over Asia, North America and Europe. I felt this was one of the better Q&A Sessions we’ve ever had. We were able to get the audio so I wanted to share that with you today. Some of the audience questions were not as clear as we would like, so bear with us. Hope you enjoy!

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How Baseball Made Me A Better Investor

Sean and I have known each other for over a decade but there are still things he’s interested in learning about my experiences. In this podcast, Sean asks me how playing baseball made me a better trader or investor. The key takeaways here are:

1) Hard Work and Mental Toughness

2) Preparation and knowing what you will do under any circumstance

3) Learning how to lose. If you fail 70% of the time on the diamond, you get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Being able to take a loss and move on is part of the path to success.

Here’s a link to the original video

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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 23: David Zarling, Chartered Market Technician

David Zarling is a newly minted CMT Charterholder. He is Partner and Head of Investment Strategy & Research at Client First Tax and Wealth Advisors out of Wisconsin. David and I have gotten to know each other over the years and I really appreciate all of the things he is doing. In this podcast episode, David walks us through his process and how it has evolved throughout his career. He uses Technical Analysis to help manage money for clients and most importantly manage risk. I’ve seen a lot of him lately. He attended Chart Summit in Breckenridge, CO in February and then the CMT Symposium in New York in April. He talks about why he goes out of his way to get around like minded individuals to talk about the markets and find people to challenge his thinking. I also really liked the part about the analogies he uses when talking to clients about Technical Analysis and his process. I thought this discussion was a real value add.

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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 22: Paul Ciana, Chief FICC Technical Strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research

Paul Ciana and I go way back to 2006 when him and I were studying for the CMT exams together. Today, Paul is the Chief FICC Technical Strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research. In English, that means everything outside of equities. It’s nice to see your friends succeed and watching him crush it is definitely one for the good guys. In this podcast episode we dive deep into the FX world where Paul walks us through 3 important currency pairs that all stock market investors should follow. We talk about Crude Oil and Gold and other precious metals. The Dollar is a key focus right now for both Paul and me, so we get into what the implications are for stocks and other assets around the world. I really enjoyed this conversation. It could have gone on for hours and hours. We’re lucky to have Paul come on the podcast. He speaks to the biggest PMs in the world on a daily basis and has been doing that for close to a decade and half. His unique perspective is a huge value add for sure!

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