What I Learned From My Trip To Europe

I was lucky to spend a few weeks in Europe earlier this month meeting with customers, colleagues and old friends. For me it’s easy to get up in front of a crowd and talk about the charts that I’ve been staring at every day for over a decade. I can practically draw them for you at this point. Where I really win is in meeting with investors and traders from completely different cultures both before and after my events. I just got back from a trip to Athens, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin. Between meetings, interviews and presentations, I was able to learn a lot from other investors and gain new perspective on things. That’s the point of all this. If we’re not going out of our way to learn, then what are we doing?

In this conversation, I sit down with our very own Sean McLaughlin to talk about some of my experiences on the road.

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How Baseball Made Me A Better Investor

Sean and I have known each other for over a decade but there are still things he’s interested in learning about my experiences. In this podcast, Sean asks me how playing baseball made me a better trader or investor. The key takeaways here are:

1) Hard Work and Mental Toughness

2) Preparation and knowing what you will do under any circumstance

3) Learning how to lose. If you fail 70% of the time on the diamond, you get inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Being able to take a loss and move on is part of the path to success.

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Money Game Podcast: No Such Thing As Work-Life Balance (EP.5)

In this episode of The Money Game, Phil answers my questions about the work/life balance with: “There is no such thing”. He says life is all about decisions. I tried to push back a bit and point out the extremes, both in my life and in those around me, but he says I’m overthinking things. I thought this was a really helpful conversation, selfishly, so I hope it adds value to your process as well.

All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 17: John Roque, Technical Strategist

John Roque is a Technical Analyst who I’ve looked up to since early in my career. From the bottom of my heart, it was guys like him who inspired me to analyze the behavior of markets and do it in a way that is unique to me. I’ve always enjoyed his comparisons between markets and sports. While on the sell side, John was consistently ranked among the top analysts before joining the buy side, including Soros Fund Management. In this conversation, we discuss everything from Ted Williams to Corn Futures. He gives us his thoughts on Gold, Crude Oil, Interest Rates and the combined market-caps of Financials & Technology sectors. This was a real honor for me to get to interview one of my favorite technicians on the Street. I hope you enjoy it!


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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 16: Tyler Wood, Managing Director at CMT Association

Tyler Wood is a Managing Director at the CMT Association, the global credentialing body for the CMT designation. A Chartered Market Technician (CMT) has achieved the highest education within the discipline of Technical Analysis and is the preeminent designation for practitioners worldwide. I finished up the 3rd Level of the CMT back in 2008, just in time to help me navigate that historic period for the market. I’ve known Tyler for almost 10 years and can tell you first hand that he is regularly speaking with some of the best technicians in the world. I think he brings a unique perspective on the subject and thought he would be a good compliment to a lot of the other guests we’ve had on the podcast. In the episode we touch on the growth of Technical Analysis and the CMT since the late 60s, the role that women have always played in the field and in the organization, the international awareness we’re seeing about Technicals and how social media has changed the access that younger market participants have to market veterans. I really enjoyed this one!


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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 15: Andrew Adams, CMT, CFA & Stock Trader

Andrew Adams is well known for his morning market commentary to thousands of financial advisors at Raymond James for many years. After working along side legendary strategist Jeff Saut, Andrew has started 2019 wearing his new trader hat. Andrew has wanted to go out on his own and trade full time and he has finally made that move. We here at Allstarcharts want to wish him the best of luck on his new endeavors. During this episode, Andrew tells us about his experiences at Raymond James, working with Jeff Saut, earning both his CFA and CMT designations, and now using this body of knowledge to enter the trading world full time. I asked Andrew about what he’s currently seeing in U.S. stocks, emerging markets, U.S. interest rates and precious metals. I really enjoyed this conversation with someone who is new to social trading scene. Make sure to follow him @DayTraderGator and give him a big welcome!


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