Benzinga Premarket Interview: Which Way Are Stocks Headed?

There are a lot of interesting developments working through the markets these days. Whether it’s the relentless sector rotation underneath the surface or the divergences between small and large-cap stocks, there is no shortage of topics to discuss about the current environment. I have been in the camp that a breakdown in Bonds to new multi-year lows would likely be accompanied by a lower yen and higher stock and commodities prices. Through last week that strategy has worked really well.

Moving forward, how does this face-ripper in rates impact U.S. stocks? Is the relative strength in financials this week a positive sign for equities? Or are they just getting a sympathy bid because of rates? Are Semiconductors finally going to break out above their epic 2000 highs, which they’ve been flirting with all year? What about Gold and Crude Oil? How do they fit in?

This morning I was on the Benzinga Premarket Prep Show discussing what I felt are the most important topics in the markets right now. Here is the interview in full:

All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 7: Kim Sokoloff, CMT & Trader

Kim Sokoloff is a trader’s trader. Whenever I see her she is always telling me about her trading day, what she was buying and what she was selling. I have a huge appreciation for the passion she brings to the markets on a daily basis. We all have different time horizons, some longer-term and some shorter-term. Kim is concerned with what stocks are doing over a a few days. For her, “long-term” is only a couple of weeks. In this episode, Kim walks us through her morning routine and thought process throughout the trading day. We’ve had analysts, money managers and traders on the podcast, but in this conversation we really dive deep into what it’s like trading every day from an apartment in lower Manhattan. I really enjoyed this discussion with a very active swing trader and practicing technician.

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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 6: Ryan Detrick of LPL Financial

In this episode I asked my friend Ryan Detrick to come talk about the quantitative work he does as part of the technical analysis he provides for advisors at LPL Financial. I have been following his work for years and have gotten to know Ryan well during that time. I was really looking forward to this conversation and it exceeded all of my expectations. Ryan does an excellent job of using basic mathematics to debunk popular myths told to investors about the market. We discuss the impact of a rising rate environment on U.S. stocks, the Yield Curve, Stock Market Seasonality and some of the things he is currently watching. This is a can’t-miss episode!

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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 5: Mike Bellafiore of SMB Capital

There are few people in this world who spend as much time with active traders as Mike Bellafiore, who has been a Managing Partner at SMB Capital since 2005. I think his unique perspective on trading and traders themselves is the perfect compliment to a lot of the other guests that we’ve had on the podcast. In this episode, Mike talks about some of the qualities that he’s seen in the more successful traders as well as common mistakes he sees being made on the desk. Throughout the conversation, Mike gives us an inside look into the trading floor, how they separate traders into teams and the way the more experienced, proven traders help the younger up and comers. I really enjoyed this one!

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All Star Interviews Season 2, Episode 4: Todd Gordon from

This week I’m thrilled to have my pal Todd Gordon on the show. He is what I like to call an “Elliottician”, meaning he approaches the market using the Wave principle developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott throughout the 1930s. Todd Gordon, of walks us through his wave counts for the S&P500, Gold, and Semiconductors. In this episode, I think we demystify and answer some of the questions we all have about Elliott Wave and its practicality.  I encourage you to have the charts with you when you listen to this one because Todd goes over several Elliott Wave counts that will make a lot more sense if you’re following along visually. He does a good job of explaining things so you can also go back and listen again with the charts in the future. I hope you enjoy this one. I really did!

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Money Game Podcast: We Are More Motivated By Our Fears Than By Our Aspirations (EP.2)

This is only the second episode of The Money Game Podcast that I’ve recorded with Phil and I’m already learning a ton. The idea behind these conversations is to help make us more aware of our bad habits driven by our cognitive behavior flaws. In this episode, Phil and I talk about Loss Aversion and the fact that as investors, and in life, we are motivated more by our fears than we are by our potential to win. This is an incredibly complicated topic so I think it’s important to start this conversation early in this Money Game Podcast series.